Search Engine Marketing Overview

Search Engine Marketing is one of the major modules of Online Marketing, which points to bring in appropriate traffic by publishing the site with the help of paid advertising and on-site optimization. PPC Training course from SEO trainers has been created to demystify the obviously complex process of increasing business online branding on different search engines such a Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and with some tools like Google Adwords and in turn result in sales. SEO trainers offer both weekend and weekday batches and Fastrack Batches for Google Adwords Training in SEO Trainers.

SEM / PPC is an essential component of any successful Digital Marketing Campaign. Pay-per-click (PPC) also commonly referenced as Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords, and Bing AdCenter. PPC assists in the archive to online targets of a business through carefully chosen paid advertising skills.

What are the course objectives?
The course covers core concepts of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing.


The course will also help you master tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube and Facebook

Who should enroll for this training?
SSC Passed students.
Intermediate students.
Post Graduates.
Business People
Who will benefit?
  • Students
  • Business People
  • Market executives
  • entrepreneur
  • Investors
  • IT professional
  • HR professional

About Our Company:

Our Company has more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEO. We are well known in the market for building the sites and promoting them. We also provide Weekend training. We provide placements to the trained students in our company.

Our Training Features


Experienced Trainers


Flexible Timings


Hands on Training


Online Training

SEM Course Introduction:

Introduction to AdWords
 Paid Search vs. Organic Search
 The Psychology of Search
 Benefits & Features of AdWords
 Quality Score
 Ad Rank
 Landing Pages
 How to structure an AdWords Account
 Campaign & Ad Group Fundamentals
 Location Targeting
 Language Targeting
 Bidding & Budgeting
 Ad Extensions
 Creating Ads
 Adding Keywords
 Keyword Match Types
 Adding Negative Keywords
 Competitive Research
 Google Keyword Planner
 Campaign Management
 Components of a Campaign
 Creating a Campaign
 Campaign settings
 Editing a Campaign
 Ad Group Management
 Creating Ad Groups
 Editing Ad Groups
 Monitoring
 Ad Formats
 Text Ads
 Image Ads
 Video Ads
 Mobile Ads
 Rich Media Display Ads
 Creating Attractive Ads
 Testing New Ads
 AdWords Policies
 Optimization Overview
 Optimizing Campaign Settings
 Optimizing Through A/B Testing
 Optimizing with Ad Extensions
 Optimizing Click Through Rates
 Optimizing with Negative Keywords
 Intro into Display Campaigns
 Intro into Remarketing
 Adwords Certification Requirements